Tree Cutting

Tree Service Erie PA - guiding a falling tree

Tree cutting or “felling” services are used to remove unwanted, damaged, or potentially hazardous trees. Felling a tree without the proper tools, skills and knowledge can be very dangerous when done incorrectly. Professional arborists use a variety of tools and techniques to remove trees safely. When you need to have a tree cut down, our crews of certified professionals will assess your property, create a detailed plan of action, and organize a crew of pros to get the project done quickly and effectively. 


Why Leave It To The Pros? 

Cutting down a tree requires dangerous equipment, such as chainsaws, and heavy machinery that must be operated by licensed professionals with proper safety equipment. Trying to cut down a tree yourself can put you at serious risk for injury or death, as well as risking damage to property.  The right way to cut a tree is not always obvious, and falling branches can be unpredictable without prior knowledge. Experienced arborists can get the job done safely, and in a fraction of the time. Let us take care of the tree limbs, so you can keep your own limbs intact! 


Professional Assessment 

The first step to proper tree cutting is a detailed and accurate assessment of the tree and surrounding property. Not all tree damage is visible from the outside; sometimes a tree may be dead or dying long before you notice it. Knowing whether the trunk is solid or hollow is crucial before cutting into the tree. It’s also vitally important to know which direction the tree will fall, and which felling technique to use in order to avoid damaging the surrounding property. Our skilled arborists will investigate your unique landscape and determine the proper plan of action. 


Notch Technique

When using the notch technique, you must assess and decide what side should be used to make it fall in the direction wanted. If the tree has more branches on one side and if nothing is in the path of where it will fall, then using that side may be beneficial. When doing the proper notch, you should make the depth one-fifth of the tree trunks diameter. The notch cut should resemble a triangle-based shape which will cut a chunk of the tree out. Then on the other side of the tree, use a felling cut which should be parallel to the apex of the notch. The moment the tree begins leaning, take the saw out and walk away on your escape route that should be planned from the beginning.


Cutting Fallen Trees

If a tree has already fallen and it’s causing damage or inconvenience, it’s tempting to break out the chainsaw and start hacking. However, trees often land in precarious positions, where they could further slip or fall and cause more damage or harm. Operating a chainsaw without proper technique and safety equipment can put you and others at serious risk of injury. Broken branches may be hard to reach, or difficult to move without hurting yourself or damaging property. Tree care pros will safely use the appropriate tools to get the job done, such as chainsaws, wood chippers, and heavier machinery to remove trees that have fallen on top of cars or buildings, or into roadways. Fallen trees are a valuable resource, and in many situations they can be repurposed for mulch, firewood or building projects. We’ll gladly do what we can to preserve and repurpose the wood from your tree according to your preference.