Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Services Erie PA - Tree bracing harnessing

After years of being exposed to the elements, trees may lose their structural integrity. This could be from insect damage, disease, or harsh weather. Sometimes a tree can be reinforced with braces or cables, which is a great alternative to felling and removing the tree when possible. At Tree Service Erie PA, we love having the opportunity to save a tree! 


Can My Tree Be Braced or Cabled? 

When you call for your free consultation, our attentive and informative customer service team will talk with you about your tree, and we’ll schedule an assessment with one of our tree care pros. Our expert arborists will be able to determine whether your tree is a good candidate for bracing or cabling, or if it needs to be removed. 


Preventative Bracing And Cabling

An experienced arborist will be able to look at the structure of a tree, identify weaknesses, and predict future breakage or damage. If a tree has undergone natural damage, or if it has been pruned or trimmed incorrectly by an amateur, there may be structural problems in the future. Properly installing cables or braces can help to keep the tree intact and preserve it for many more years, while also preventing hazardous situations. 


How To Install Braces and Cables 

Cabling a tree requires specific tools, such as lag hooks, heavy duty drill bits, common grade or high strength cables, and possibly earth anchors, wire stops and wedge grips. Everything must be very precisely measured, cut to the correct length, drilled to the correct width, and so on. Proper climbing gear must be used, as well as safety gear such as gloves, hardhats and goggles. Depending on the length of the cable, it may be a one or two person job, and it helps to have more crew members on the ground to lend a hand when necessary. Tree bracing and cabling is a highly skilled job that must be done with a high level of accuracy. If the cable or brace fails, the tree can easily become dangerous. But when done correctly, reinforcing a tree with braces or cables can safely preserve the tree for many years to come. 


Every tree is unique and every situation is different. We’ll give you our best professional assessment with your budget in mind. Call to schedule your free estimate today!