Tree Service Erie PA is your trusted source for all of your tree care needs. Our crews of licensed arborists and highly trained professionals are committed to preserving your safety, protecting your property, and providing excellent service for all your planting, trimming, cutting and tree or stump removal projects. Dedicated crews are on call for round-the-clock emergency tree removal to keep you safe and your property damage-free. Responsible tree care requires lots of time, energy and expertise. Let us do the heavy lifting!

About Us

We pride ourselves on serving our community through our expertise, efficiency, and passion for tree care. Our dedicated crews apply their knowledge, professional tools, and good old fashioned elbow grease to every project, from trimming and cutting, to removing hazardous trees or unwanted stumps, and even planting or transplanting new trees. Our expert contractors create detailed plans for every unique landscape, and our experienced groundsmen complete your project in a timely manner. As your local tree care professionals, think of us as a neighbor you can call on 24/7! Our customer service team is standing by to respond with emergency tree care when you need it, such as removing fallen limbs, trimming broken branches, or assessing and remediating tree damage that may become hazardous. 


Our team of insured expert arborist are your number one trusted tree pros in Erie County. When it comes to your tree care needs, no project is too big, and no request too small. With our highly educated Tree Care Foremen, well-trained and experienced Groundsmen, and responsive service-first dispatchers, we are here for you. Our crew comes well equipped with the right skills and tools to trim, cut, remove or replace your trees carefully, properly and on time. Need a tree or branch removed right away? Your safety is our priority, so we pledge to get there quickly, carefully assess the situation, and remove any tree or branch that is putting you and your family at risk. Our specialty services include tree trimming, tree cutting, tree planting, and tree and stump removal.

Tree Service Erie PA - Tree Surgery Trimming

When a storm hits, falling trees are unpredictable and can cause damage to your home, car, property or person. In a tree emergency, your Erie tree service professionals are just a phone call away! Our customers are our community, and we’re here to help you deal with broken branches, fallen trees, or damaged trees that may pose a threat. When it comes to falling trees, time is of the essence. You can count on us! 

Tree Service Erie PA - crane tree service

Have unwanted trees in your yard, or need to clear a lot for new construction? Our heavy duty tools are available to excavate and remove large quantities of trees. Dealing with damaged trees can be risky and unpredictable, and having the right equipment is essential. Our highly skilled tree cutting services will provide a detailed plan for excavation and keep you informed throughout the process. Ensuring your safety and improving the landscape while preventing damage to your property is our top priority.

“I was very happy with how my trees were removed. They removed them easily without damaging any of my property after a nearby tree fell on our roof. I will use this company again in the future and recommend their services.” Sandy B.

Whenever an obstruction occurs, tree cutting services are essential for preventing property damage and avoiding dangerous situations. Properly felling a tree requires specific tools, careful planning, important safety equipment, and knowledge of how the tree will fall. Let us take care of your hazardous trees, prevent damage to your property, and keep you out of harm’s way. We know you’ll be happy you called your local tree care pros to cut and remove your unwanted trees instead of going DIY. Our services are cost effective, our crew will finish the job in a fraction of the time, and you can enjoy your yard with peace of mind. 

Tree Service Erie PA - guiding a falling tree

Prevention is key when it comes to caring for your trees, which is why our Tree Trimming service should be at the top of your list. Do you find yourself running out of time every precious weekend, and those shrubs just keep getting bigger? Tired of looking out the window every morning and watching the tree branches creeping closer? If you’re always on the go, or if yard work just isn’t your thing, give us a call! We can quickly and easily trim your trees and shrubs to keep them looking beautiful, growing healthy and steering clear of your roof, power lines, utilities and other foliage. Keeping your trees trimmed is a great way to prevent dangerous situations or damage before it starts. Plus, you deserve a beautiful yard that you and your family can enjoy, without breaking your back! We’re here to help.

Tree Service Erie PA - Tree bracing

“Great guys and awesome job! The trees around the entrance of my driveway look better than they ever have. I tried to keep up with them myself for years and finally decided to save some time and have a professional do it. Totally worth it! I save a day of work and made more money anyway's since I closed a deal at my job! haha. Thanks for getting the job done right guys!” Joe K.

Tree Service Erie PA - Tree Planting

While we talk a lot about removing unwanted trees, we’re also passionate about planting new ones! Trees are essential to our everyday lives. They help keep our air and water clean. They create shade that can cool your home, lowering energy consumption and reducing your electricity costs. According to The Carnegie Institute, shaded areas can 20-45 degrees cooler than unshaded areas

Trees provide essential wildlife habitat, which is disappearing as development continues to spread into forested areas. They have also been shown to increase commercial and residential property values, reduce crime, and have a positive impact on our health by reducing stress. The U.S. Forest Service reported in 2013 that community forests save an average of one life each year.

Our tree services can help you identify your favorite species of trees for your yard, plan the best places to plant them, and get your new trees in the ground in no time. With the right kind of planning, tools, soil, and skills, we’ll help you create a beautiful landscape that will grow with you, your family and your home. 

Tree Services Erie County - Stump Removal

Our team can remove any tree stump you need! We are ready to dig deep with our heavy machinery and tools to get those old stumps out of the ground. Neglecting to remove tree stumps puts other trees in jeopardy and is bad for regrowth. Stumps can pose a threat to kids at play, elders at risk of falling, or anyone who isn’t always watching where they’re going--and hey, we’ve all been there!  Hard to spot stumps can also cause damage to your lawnmower or tractor. Using professional equipment and removal techniques, our team is here to help you get rid of unwanted stumps and replace them with new stunning living trees.

“My husband cut down a tree in our backyard a couple years ago and we have had a stump that has caused some problems. I tried to put some store bought stump rot on it and drilled some holes into it, but it didn't do anything and I wasted my money. I finally decided to have someone take care of it and called a tree removal expert. What I was trying to get out for years they got out the same day” Terry M.

We are your neighborhood professional arborist. Our friendly and informative team is awaiting your call to discuss your tree care projects and needs. In case of emergency, contact us and receive our full attention and speedy response. We will put your mind at ease, and our tree care pros will ensure the safety of you, your family and your property. Bookmark this page so you can easily find our phone number and reach out whenever you need us! From tree and stump removal, to tree and shrub trimming, cutting and planting, we strive to take your tree care tasks off your hands, so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your yard. Call us today and let’s talk about your trees!